About The Company

The Hudson’s trademark for “functional throat candies” (the marketer’s way of saying cough drops and throat pastilles!) was acquired by Petra Foods Limited in February 2006. Originally manufactured in Australia more than 100 years ago, Hudson’s is now a household name for cough drops in the region, especially in Malaysia and Singapore.

Hudson's Heritage

Hudson’s was developed in Australia by Dr. George Ingliss Hudson, a dentist, as an antiseptic and demulcent for oral hygiene, in a gum Arabic base. First introduced as Eumenthol Jujubes it was registered as a medicated pastille, aiding and providing special benefits in all germ diseases, especially of the throat, chest and lungs. It was also recorded as the most powerful, safe and pleasant germicide then known, destructive to all organisms that give rise to infectious diseases and was classified as a medicine. The development of Hudson’s Eumenthol jujubes was widely reported in the leading medical journals then: The Lancet (London), The Practitioner (London), The Australian Medical Gazette, and Chemist and Druggist of Australasia.

Commercial production of jujubes commenced in 1899, by the Hudson Eumenthol Chemical Company, under the registered trademark of Eumenthol – a word derived through combining the words “Eucalyptus” and “Menthol”, the two main ingredients. Shortly afterwards, the Hudson Eumenthol Chemical Company together with several other chemical and pharmaceutical companies grouped together to form Drug Houses of Australia Pty Ltd (DHA).

In 1962 a company has started to import and market DHA products, including Hudson’s Eumenthol Jujubes, in the region. The jujubes were sold in oblong tin packs and in glass bottles through pharmacies and drug stores. The product was very well accepted by consumers but, because of the nature of its presentation and pack sizes, distribution was limited. To expand the consumer acceptance of the product, a hard boiled sweet using all the active ingredients of Hudson’s Eumenthol jujubes was later developed. The result was Hudson’s throat drops – the double twist cellophane-wrapped sweet which we all now recognised and love.

Unlike other brands that were forced to change and diversify, Hudson’s strength is its dependability. Its products have survived through the generation, remaining simple and traditional. Till today, Hudson’s Eumenthol jujubes and Throat drops have been the people’s preferred choice of medicated sweets. Found almost everywhere – from Sundry and provisions shops to mini markets, supermarkets and hypermarkets, traditional Chinese Medicine halls to modern retail centres.

Did You Know

  • Over 1,000,000 Hudson’s sweets are produced daily.
  • Hudson's factory staffs hardly ever fall ill because they breathe eucalyptus vapour daily.
  • A sample of the original Hudson’s Eumenthol jujubes tin packing is on display at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia.

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